Meet Our Clients

“I have been working with Ian for a number of years. When I was in high school, he would help me with a dry needling procedure and always took the time to explain what he was doing and how it would benefit me. As time went on, he became “the guy” I would go to for everything. When I was coming back from school, I knew that I always had someone to go to who would give me the help that I needed.

I was really excited for him when he decided to start his own clinic. Ian has tailored his clinic so it offers the community a wide variety of options that meet people’s needs from a health and wellness standpoint. There are a countless number of things that I have learned from my time with Ian. He and The Right Move Physiotherapy staff have played a big part in my growth physically, my ability to manage things that pop up, and my overall success as an athlete thus far. Ian cares about his patients and has a lasting and positive impact on them all.”

Noah S. – Team Canada National Amateur Squad

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the treatment and help I received at ‘The Right Move’ countless times! Originally, I hurt my shoulder and had it treated with Shockwave Therapy by my physiotherapist. I got the ‘okay’ to play again but later that I year I sustained a serious concussion. I went back to my physiotherapist Ian Gilchrist who was the only practitioner able to figure out that my chronic headaches were likely caused by whiplash during the collision at the time of the concussion. He spent more time assessing my head than anyone else and was very diligent about guiding me through the my exercise plan.

My treatment was methodical and I was practicing again sooner and made a full recovery faster than I expected. I came to the Right Move for every sports injury after that… Later that year, I had a 3rd degree ankle sprain while playing for the U19 Canadian Women’s basketball team which the clinic successfully treated again!

Many thanks to the Right Move for all their help and expertise.”

Maggie B. – NCAA Division 1 Women’s Basketball Player

“I have been seeing Ian on and off for the better part of 5 years now. Whether it was little calf problems, to general strength and mobility weaknesses, Ian has been my go to guy. His constant push and belief of me as an athlete has been comforting in tough athletic endeavours. His strong belief in active recovery, stretching, rehabilitation, dry needling, shock therapy, band work, hip mobility, and foam rolling, has allowed me to continue to run 90 miles a week without any major hiccups. The knowledge and wisdom of Ian, along with the care and push to allow my weaknesses to become strengths has made me a better athlete as a whole. Without this, I would not have gained an NCAA scholarship, qualified for NCAA regionals, or the Olympic Trials. To this I owe him and the team a big thank you.

Anyone looking to better themselves and seek active, strong, and caring recovery, look no further than Ian and the staff at Right Move Physio.”

Jonathan B. – NCAA Men’s Track and Field Athlete

“Taking my daughter to see Ian Gilchrist for a concussion assessment and treatment was based on a recommendation from a friend. It was the best decision that we could have made as he explained all the different facets of concussions very thoroughly and was very clear on what it would take for her to get better. Following his guidelines and treatment program my daughter’s symptoms continued to improve right up to the moment that she successfully completed the final stress test and was deemed clear to participate in sports again. Very impressed!”

Paul L.

“Due to my active lifestyle I have had numerous injuries ranging from minor to serious. The treatment at Right Move Physiotherapy has been the most beneficial, personalized and knowledgeable care that I have ever received. I have been receiving shockwave treatment as part of my physiotherapy care plan and have found significant relief following my sessions.  I have worked with all three health care professionals and each has helped me regain the confidence and strength I needed to get back to my athletic goals!”

Seth B. – High School Teacher

“I had a serious fall playing pickle-ball and ended up in the emergency department to determine whether I had broken my leg/hip. Fortunately I had not, but ended up leaving on crutches as I could not walk. A few years back I had been a client of Ian Budge at his former clinic and I knew that I had to see him a.s.a.p. at his new clinic Right Move Physiotherapy. Ian is a motivated healer who wants to see you recover as quickly as possible. He is knowledgeable, caring and patiently answers any questions or concerns you have. From the moment you walk into his practice, until you are discharged, you are greeted with friendly smiles and genuine concern for your well being. Thank you for getting me back on my feet and walking again. You are the BEST!”

Bronya R.

“A big thank you to The Right Move Physiotherapy and Health Management Inc. team whose services I used during the month of December of 2021. After being given a timely appointment, I arrived at The Right Move where I was greeted at the door with all COVID protocols being followed. Registered Physiotherapist Ian Gilchrist went through a complete and knowledgeable assessment of my concerns and commenced a treatment immediately. After several thorough treatments and additional exercises  for me to follow up with at home, Ian’s therapy plan was successful as evidenced by the pain relief I felt. The Right Move also made my insurance claim process easy as their Office Manager Sam submitted my insurance claim electronically, freeing me from doing this tiresome paperwork as well.
I highly recommend The Right Move located in Kingston’s Gardiners Town Centre!”

Angela L.