During this Covid-19 Pandemic we want our patients, and those new to us, to be certain we are still here for you. We can’t physically treat you in clinic but are offering Telehealth services for the time being. Your level of care is still our top priority as well as keeping you safe through this crisis.

What is Telehealth?

A video conference appointment one-on-one with your physiotherapist.

Registered physiotherapy brought to you by virtual health care.

  • Education on condition
  • Professional advice
  • Exercise programs tailored to your individual needs (progressions/modifications)
  • Reassurance you are on the track to recovery.

Who Qualifies for Telehealth?

All of you!

We can begin treatment sessions with anyone who is ready to start. You will be sent an email link to begin the process and the rest is simple.

If you are an existing patient of our clinic and just looking for further guidance, Telehealth is the perfect appointment.  You and your physiotherapist can discuss your progress and determine what’s next.

If you are new to us, we can begin with an Online Assessment and can later determine if hands-on treatment is necessary in clinic.

Most Insurance companies now cover Telehealth!

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