During this Covid-19 Pandemic we want our patients, and those new to us, to be certain we are still here for you. If you do not feel safe leaving your home, Virtual Care is a great option for care. While keeping you safe through this crisis, providing high quality health care services to all our patients is our top priority.

What is Virtual Care?

Virtual Care is a way to replace in-person appointments with efficient, secure, and safe virtual visits.

Virtual Care is a video conference appointment one-on-one with your physiotherapist.

Through Virtual Care, a Registered Physiotherapist can provide:

  • Education on condition
  • Professional advice
  • Exercise programs tailored to your individual needs (progressions/modifications)
  • Reassurance you are on the track to recovery.

There are many barriers that can prevent one from coming into the clinic for an appointment such as scheduling and travel. Virtual Care appointments can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Who Qualifies for Virtual Care?

Anyone with an internet connection can have Virtual Care with one of our Registered Physiotherapist.

We can begin treatment sessions with anyone who is ready to start. You will be sent an email link to begin the process and the rest is simple.

New patients can begin with an Online Assessment. You and your physiotherapist can later determine if hands-on treatment is necessary in clinic.

If you are an existing patient of Right Move and you’re just looking for further guidance, Virtual Care is the perfect appointment.  You and your physiotherapist can discuss your progress and establish what’s next.

Insurance companies such as Blue Cross, Canada Life, GreenShield and Sun Life are now covering Virtual Care!

(Please check with your insurance provider for the correct coverage of your policy).


“I have been experiencing extremely uncomfortable pain in my wrist and arm due to the repetitive heavy lifting I do at work. In less than a week after one Telehealth appointment with The Right Move Physiotherapy, the tingling and burning pain in my arm went away! This relief was thanks to the simple at-home stretches Ian Budge advised me to do. Being able to use The Right Move’s convenient and effective Telehealth service allowed me to get right back to work!”
-Olivia D.

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