BREG Bracing

Right Move Physiotherapy is pleased to announce that we now offer BregÒ custom bracing solutions for our clientele. BregÒ is the second largest provider of orthopaedic bracing in North America, and pride themselves on providing premium, high-value sport-medicine products that advance orthopaedic patient care.

What are the benefits of bracing?

a. Enhanced structural support

Where knee joint instability is present from acute or chronic injuries; a physician or physical therapist may prescribe or recommend the use of an external custom brace to provide structural support. Increasing the structural support of the joint may provide athletes with protection from further injury and allow them to continue engaging in their sport. Bracing may also be indicated for rehabilitative purposes for eg. limiting the range of motion of the knee/ankle/shoulder/elbow/wrist joints to facilitate the healing process following injury or surgery. 

b. Pain-relief

Custom knee bracing can also help alleviate joint pain and stress associated with osteoarthritis (OA). For cases of OA, custom bracing can help to “unload” the compartment of the knee that has become painful and/or arthritic. While custom bracing can help to reduce pain and improve mobility, it is NOT a substitute for a structured rehabilitative treatment plan for knee OA and does NOT replace or diminish the need for therapeutic exercise. Rather, a custom brace should facilitate and encourage the participation in rehabilitation programmes.

Custom Knee Bracing Conditions:

  1. ACL and PCL stabilization
  2. Osteoarthritis unloading 
  3. Patellofemoral stabilization 
  4. Post-operative stabilization
  5. Soft shell support

Other Bracing Options:

  1. Hip Bracing
  2. Shoulder Bracing
  3. Elbow/Wrist Bracing
  4. Spine Braces
  5. Lumbar Support
  6. Cervical Braces
  7. Sacroilliac Braces
  8. Thoracolumbosacral Orthoses (TLSO)

Are custom braces covered by insurance plans?

Most health insurance plans will cover a significant portion, if not the entire, cost of a custom brace. In order for insurance plans to approve the cost, patients’ will need to obtain a physician’s referral. 

If you are interested in discussing bracing options, please call or email to book an initial assessment so we can accurately determine the structures in need of support and to discuss the optimal bracing solutions for you. 


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