Benefits of Strength Training



There are numerous benefits associated with strength training including increased muscular strength and endurance, stress relief, sleep improvement, and musculoskeletal pain management. As such, there are more than enough reasons to incorporate strength training into your daily routine and keeping these in mind can help keep individuals motivated to continue training. We all know how difficult it is to keep up with exercise and training but having a better understanding of the benefits will be a big motivational factor to continue!


Muscular Strength and Endurance

As we head into the winter months there is always the fear of falling on the icy surfaces which can lead to many different injuries. Following a regular strength training program will give you an overall stronger base of support that can help prevent you from taking a spill as your strengthened muscles keep you balanced. In fact, if you sustain an injury that needs physiotherapy, prescribed exercises during active-rehab can improve and even speed up your recovery time! Studies have also shown that strength training is more commonly being prescribed now as it helps build musculoskeletal strength (which also is preventative towards future injuries). Day-to-day tasks will also become easier with improved muscular strength. Strength training programs can emphasize stabilizer muscle function which leads to increased muscular endurance. The benefits of these types of programs will ensure that daily tasks aren’t such a chore; as your body can physically keep up and handle the work load.


Stress Relief

Any form of training can always help relieve daily stress. Work stress, friend or family relationships, finances, etc. are all different areas of stress that training can be an outlet for.  However, when training becomes painful that can be a stressor in itself. With prescribed strength training your Physiotherapist/Kinesiologist can inform you on what level of pain is appropriate and ways to prevent an extreme amount. They can show you progressions and modifications of certain exercises so your training program is best suited for your needs. Proper form and technique of each exercise can also be approved by the Physio so you can be sure you are doing them properly, safely and with a minimal amount of pain. A little reassurance from a professional can always put your mind at ease when it comes to training!


Sleep Improvement

There is always the hope that a good workout will help put you to sleep at night. A regular training program does help improve sleep, just be sure to give yourself time between your session and bed as your body needs time to slow back down before sleep.

A research study done through the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found that both sleep time and quality of sleep improved after following a consistent training program for a 3-6 month period. When we could all use a little more sleep at night, why not consider strength training to help make it possible!


Here at The Right Move we offer strength training and active rehab as a part of a complete physiotherapy treatment plan. We also offer registered Kinesiology services to help supplement lifestyle changes for individuals living with chronic health conditions. Both can help with conditioning injured areas and getting your body stronger in an effort to help prevent future injuries. Call or email the clinic today to get started (613-384-3222) or