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Running Mechanics Part 1

PART 1: THE BEST PREPARATION FOR RUNNING Planning The key to any successful running plan is to not do too much too soon by starting slowly. It is important to listen to your body to prevent injury and optimize performance. A progressive plan will be individualized to your current fitness level, fitness goals and daily […]

Office Ergonomics

Do you have a desk job? Do you think you have bad posture? Good news- perhaps there is no ideal position for sitting or standing. There is a strong belief amongst rehabilitation professionals that not spending too much time in any static/stationary posture might be a key to avoiding “bad posture”. Healthy postures and a […]

Benefits of Strength Training

    There are numerous benefits associated with strength training including increased muscular strength and endurance, stress relief, sleep improvement, and musculoskeletal pain management. As such, there are more than enough reasons to incorporate strength training into your daily routine and keeping these in mind can help keep individuals motivated to continue training. We all […]